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My interest in Genealogy goes back to 1944 when, at the age of eleven, my father showed me the tombstone of the Mennonite historian, M. G. Weaver who is interred in the Weaverland Mennonite Cemetery in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Weaver was my great-great uncle. His lineage is listed on that monument back to our immigrant ancestor Henry Weber who came to this country early in the 18th century. However, I did not begin my active search for my roots until my father died in 1991.

My genealogy was published in the October, 1995 issue of "Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage," the quarterly journal published by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society , 2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. Their phone number is (717) - 393 -9745. Their hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Most of my research was done in their library. They have a fine facility for researching Mennonite history and genealogy.

My Parents J Landis Weaver and Ada S Horst
My Parents
J. Landis Weaver
Ada S. Horst

My Grandparents John H Weaver and Magdalena Landis
My Grandparents
John H. Weaver
Lena O. Landis
Some of the names in my database are Bauman/Bowman, Bear/Bar, Brenneman, Brubaker, Buckwalter, Eby, Funk, Good, Groff/Graf, Heatwole, Herr, Hershey, Hertzler, Hess, Hollinger, Hoover/Huber, Horst/Horsch, Kendig/Kundig, Landis, Livengood, Long, Martin, Meyer, Musser, Newcomer, Nissley, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Reiff, Sensenig, Snavely, Stauffer, Strickler, Sweigart, Weaver/Weber, Wenger, Wolf, Zimmerman, et al.

My Grandparents Reuben W Horst and Frances R Sweigart
My Grandparents
Reuben W. Horst
Frances R. Sweigart

Detailed personal genealogical information available for your use:

button My entire Old Photo Albums can be viewed by clicking on this link.

button My entire Family Data Base can be viewed by clicking on this link.

button The Ancestry of Jay D Weaver in Book Form

button The Pedigree Chart for Jay D Weaver

button The Ancestry of Mary N Musser in Book Form

button The Pedigree Chart for Mary N Musser

button You can view an abbreviated version of my Ahnentafel Listing by clicking on this link. You can either print or save that page, using your browser commands.

button Download a Compressed, Self-expanding GEDCOM File of My Entire Database (315 Kilobytes). After downloading, double-click on file name to expand it. You will find the expanded file in c:\gedcom. You can then install it in your genealogy software.

buttonIf you prefer, you can download an uncompressed version of my GEDCOM file (958 KB). This will be necessary if you are using a non-Windows operating system.

button Letters from Florida , the story of my grandfather's trips to Florida in 1925 in a Model T Ford and in 1940 with a homemade travel trailer. The story is told by his letters and photographs.

button Of Nests and Graffiti , the autobiography of my father, J. Landis Weaver. All of these pages can be saved or printed using your browser's features.

button The History of Weaverland , including the Weber/Weaver--Martin Family Cemetery in Lancaster County, PA written by M. G. Weaver in 1933 with several updates by Jay D Weaver in 1999.. All of these pages can be saved or printed using your browser's features.

button A letter written by M. G. Weaver to my great-grandfather in 1914 . The letter describes his musings as he walked home across the fields in Weaverland.

button More information on the David Martin family is available on The Martin Genealogy Project. This includes some new research and correction to some of M. G. Weaver's conclusions concerning the Martin Family.

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