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NEW: A Lenten devotional entitled, The Journey to the Cross

NEW: Old Family Photographs Some years ago I made a CD of my genealogy, family stories, photos, recordings, writings, etc. After receiving a phone call recently about some old photos, I decided to share the photo albums that I put on that CD. The link is as follows: Old Photo Albums

NEW: A paper entitled, An Evolving Conception of God - a personal statement.

NEW: Autobiography of Jay D Weaver (8 chapters completed)

NEW: A page of Links to Peace Oriented Web Sites

My Hobby is Genealogy; I Collect Ancestors

Family Tree You will find lots of genealogical information. All my research results are posted on my Family History Page . If you find any ancestors you can use, please help yourself. If you have any ancestors you think I might be able to use, you might want to drop them in my mailbox.

My Calling is Teaching; I Create Lessons

Teacher Among the many things I have taught over the years, none have been more popular than my course in beginning computer use. I have developed a set of five lessons on the use of Windows 95/98/ME/XP. They are available for your use. You will find them as well as other useful computer imformation and links on my Computer Page .

My Passion is Music and Poetry; I Write Both.

Song Writer Since retiring from teaching, I have written a number of hymn texts. I have also composed the music for some of them. The texts are available for your perusal, and the MIDI files for your listening pleasure. You can also print out the complete scores for all of them. Please ask for my permission to copy in quantities. The hymns along with some poems that I wrote can be found on my Hymns and Poems Page.

My Gift is Words; I Write Thoughts

Lecturer Each week I post a new thought that might include a poem, prayer, tribute, or comment on the page I call "Thought for the Week." It is avilable on my Thought Page. Most of the thoughts for the past several years are archived and indexed by categories. They can be accessed from the Archives Page. I have also written some other things that can be found on My Writings Page.

Find out more about my personal biography by clicking here .

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This web site has evolved over a number of years from a single page to a collection of hundreds of pages. You will find genealogical data, computer lessons, hymns, poems, prayers, humor, stories, and lots of human interest stuff. You might even find a few things that you would like to download for your own use.

The prices are hard to beat, because it's all free. I only ask that you let me know if you find something that you can use. Anything you find may be used for your own benefit. However, it is all copyrighted and you must get permission to make copies of anything to distribute to others. After all, my heart and soul are in this stuff. You wouldn't want to steal my heart and soul, would you? License information can be found below.

Excluding Public Domain material and unless otherwise noted, all materials on this site are owned and copyrighted by Jay D. Weaver. The site is licensed through Creative Commons. See below. All copies must include the following attribution: Copyright Jay D Weaver, Lancaster, PA.

I would appreciate a note from you, telling me how and where you used my materials so that I can keep track of their use. Thank You for your cooperation. Jay D. Weaver

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